Cycle infrastructure in our towns and cities leaves much to be desired.

#ungapthemap is a collaboration project that allows the community to identify cycling connections that might require improvements, maintenance or planning to make cycling a safe and enjoyable experience.

Use the link below to tell us about a gap you know of.

We periodically collate all the data we recieve and provide it to the relevant council. Where there are multiple concerns for a location, we can emphasise the priority or urgency.

#ungapthemap will also hold workshops throughout the year to allow us to collaborate with the community on ideas and hear about new gaps to add to our map.


This can talk about the potential project for urban cycle rountes across Hamilton.

Urban cycle routes would connect major desitnations in the city with common signage primarily along roads with the advantage of off road paths where they are present.

Urban Cycles Routes can be a precursor to major connections that could be created as projects alongside the Hamilton Bike Plan projects. These routes would provide much of the Primary cycle network that hasn't yet been planned.

Future Ideas for Projects

We have a list of potential projects to develop:

  • Event Bike Parking for major and minor events
  • Regular groups rides to events, eg. Gourmet in the Gardens

If you have an interest, skills or experience in any of the projects or ideas listed and want to help out we would love to hear from you.